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It’s Taco Time

It’s Taco Time

Climate change is on everyone’s mind right now. Vegan food is a key to turning the tide. That’s why we are always and constantly thinking about how we can make our food even more appealing to the flexitarians among you. One possibility is so-called meat substitutes. We don’t find the word so tingly either, there’s just no better unfortunately.


With our self-created burger patty, we have already shown you that it is possible to implement templates from animal products purely plant-based.

Vegan Pulled Pork with only five ingredients

For our project to put tacos on the menu, we looked around for a vegan pulled pork and found it at planted. What we like so much about planted is the enormously short ingredient list. Only five different ingredients find their way into the so-called planted.pulled. These are water, pea protein 32%, pea fiber, canola oil & vitamin B12. Vitamin b12 is so important especially for the vegans among you, because without the meat consumption there is quickly a deficiency.

Smoky, aromatic, fresh – our taco

We are so convinced of the product that we think it would stand up to a blind tasting among meat fans. Either way, you can finally order our great Soft Tacos with Baba Ghanoush, yogurt, roasted hazelnuts, pomegranate seeds and fresh cilantro, from infarm of course.


On the crispy warm dough we spread the so popular smoky eggplant cream for it. On top of this comes an invigorating pineapple salsa, the roasted planted.pulled, pomegranate seeds, some soy yogurt, toasted hazelnuts and cilantro.


If that’s not a delightfully vegan concept of a taco? We are sure you will love them.

Give them a try!



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